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Other Informations

Mon State

How to Get There

Mon State has a bit of wonderful golden temples, pagoda,historical sites, colonial buildings, and scenic coastline. Travelling in this region is easy and accessible by car and train from Yangon and Nay Pyi Taw.

Chances to enjoy sightseeing

  • Can view the Great SandawshinKyaikHtiYoe Pagoda, also know as the Golden Rock, on a hage natural rock that is distinct and awesome by the term of geological feature.
  • Can discover and enjoy, distinct and beautiful orchid species by walking in jungle from Kimpun Base Camp to KyaikHtiYoe Pagoda.
  • Can enjoy birdwatching, the mountainous scenic beauties from view points.
  • Can feel relaxing in recreation camps peacefully.
  • Can discover natural waterfalls along the way of 7 miles car-way from Kimpun Base Camp to YathateTaung Hill by walking.
  • Can feel relaxing on YathateTaung Hill.
  • Can enjoy natural sceneries