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Local Food

Many of the Mon Traditional Food are dishes and Mon food is famous for its creativity. Most of the Mon food are spicy and sour.

Thingyan Wax Rice

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One of the well known traditional food in Mon State is Thingyan Wax Rice. It includes rice, water and wax vapour. Famous side dishes for Thingyan Wax Rice are Fried Thingyan Dish, which include grated mango and the grinded dried fish; and Pickled Mango Salad. This dish can be enjoyed in the summer time as mangos are only available in the summer months.

Spicy and Sour Mon Traditional Fish Curry

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When you travel to Mon, you shouldn’t forget to try this fish curry. The smell of this curry will make you try it as it includes lemon grass. It comprises green chilli and marian. Thus, it will be the best appetite if you like spicy and sour foods. Since it is cooked without oil, it is good for your health. Cold rainy season is the best time to consume this curry.

Plum Soup (and Toasted Dried Fish)

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You should also try this incredible soup when you are in Mon State. Plum Soup is cooked with ripe sour plum and toasted fish. You can enjoy this dish during the winter time as it is the time when the plum are getting ripe. The side dish for this soup is always toasted dried fish. It is very apetizing when you eat hot rice together with plum soup and toasted dried fish.

Chicken and Mushroom Soup

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Chicken and Mushroom Soup should be chosen from the menu if you are eating in a restaurant in Mon. It is made with chicken leg and dried marian fruit. Chicken and Mushroom Soup is different from normal soup since it looks like a burmese salad prepared with water. This soup is very tasty and had a strong taste of chili. It is also good for ill people and is best served during the rainy season.

Bambood Shoot and Coconut Milk Curry

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If you are a vegetarian, you should choose Bamboo Shoot and Coconut Milk Curry from the menu in a Mon Restaurant. We can see the creativity of Mon traditional food in this curry. It is cooked with bamboo shoot, chickpeas and coconut milk. Mon local people eat this curry during the period of the Buddhist lent.

Sticky Rice with Coconut

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Famous snack in Mon State is Sticky Rice with Coconut which is also called Mont Phat Htote. This special sticky rice with Coconut snack inludes coconut, coconut milk, sugar and sticky rice powder. Mon people made these snacks and then share it with neighbors during the Waso fullmoon festival and it is a beautiful cultural tradition till now.

Mon Traditional Folded Crispy Crepes (Maung Kyan Snack)

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If you are a person who is craving for snacks, you should try Folded Crispy Crepes, which is also called Maung Kyan Snack. This snack is made with egg, coconut milk and rice powder. It is crispy and a very delicious food. It is also a nutritious food and good for health as it is prepared without oil.